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Granted Pharmaceutical Patents in Egypt

As part of ongoing efforts to make patent information for medicines more transparent, we have completed a preliminary review of pharmaceutical patents granted in Egypt between 1 January 2005 - 31 December 2010. The full report and analysis can be downloaded here.

The report is only a preliminary assessment as the full text of the granted Egyptian patents were not available to us at this time. As such the analysis was based on corresponding U.S., European and/or international patent (PCT) documents and whether they related to patents listed for marketed products on the U.S FDA Orange Book. However, with this initial information to hand, it is hoped that it will enable users to focus efforts and resources on obtaining the complete patent documents for those patents that may be of interest.

The projected was carried out in collaboration with Dina Iskander of the Egyptian Initiative for personal Rights, as part of her research on the impact of TRIPS on pharmaceutical patenting in Egypt.