Our Impact

We are relentless about achieving meaningful outcomes and our work is designed for maximum impact.

In 2006, I-MAK began working on one disease in one country. Today the organization has expanded its work to 20 therapies for eight diseases in 49 countries, and has helped enable over $1 billion in actual savings to government health programs and patients worldwide.

Lowering prices to HIV drugs in India, with ripple effects around the world

I-MAK’s first few years were focused on ensuring generic competition for four lifesaving HIV drugs in India. As a result of successful patent challenges, prices for these lifesaving medicines are now 51-89% lower than the branded version prices. These wins are estimated to have unlocked over US$500 million in cost savings for lower-income country governments worldwide – money that can be reinvested to treat more than one million people.

With partners, enabling a half billion dollars in savings per year in four countries

I-MAK has worked alongside five patient advocacy organizations since 2014 to reduce drug prices in Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, and Ukraine.* Legal interventions on seven HIV drugs in these four countries has so far enabled price reductions that have resulted in actual annualized savings of US$549 million per year.

Working to unlock access to lifesaving hepatitis C treatment could save hundreds of billions of dollars worldwide

In 2015, I-MAK filed a patent challenge against Sovaldi® in China, and worked with partner organizations to file challenges in Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and Ukraine. In just these five countries, the cases have the potential to increase access to treatment for 20 million people, open up the market for more competition and generic drugs, and save government health programs approximately US$123 billion.

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