Our People


Our team of lawyers, scientists, and health experts work to make sure medicines are affordable.

Tahir Amin

Co-Executive Director

Priti Krishtel

Co-Executive Director

Dan Ravicher

U.S. Patent Counsel

Joe Fortunak

Pharmaceutical Scientist Innovator

Aaron Pattillo

Market Dynamics

Martine Holston

Scaling Partner
Growth Architect

Dana Gill

External Affairs

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Patent Attorney


Our team accelerates and amplifies I-MAK’s work to increase global access to affordable, lifesaving medicines.

Nini Hoang

Administrative Assistant

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Development Manager

Farzana Fakhry

Manager, Finance and Administration

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Executive Assistant


I-MAK’s Board are leaders in equity, justice, and catalytic change.

Renu Saini

Leader in Conservation

Amanda Parsons, MBA, MD

Health Systems Expert

Lara Galinsky

Purpose in Entrepreneurship

Reena Abraham

Leader in Education

Monica Mehta, PharmD, MPH

Clinical Pharmacy
Infectious Disease Expert

Priti Krishtel


Tahir Amin


David Watson


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