Patent and Market Data



Patent applications: 118
Patents issued: 64
Filed after FDA approval: 31%
Duration of patent protection: 42 years
Fold-more patents filed in U.S. vs Europe: 1.9
Fold-more patents filed in U.S. vs Japan: 1.9


Price increase 2014-19: 83%
Medicare annual price increase: 16%
Medicaid annual price increase: 13%


Medicare top total spending (rank): 7
Medicare spending per beneficiary: $3,260
Medicaid top total spending (rank): 9


On the U.S. market since: 2004
Generic / biosim approved: No
Generic / biosim on the market: No


Company: Pfizer
Condition(s) Treated: Pain
Drug Type: Small molecule

Key FIndings

  • 118

    patent applications
    and 64 granted patents

  • 42

    years of monopoly
    from granted patents

  • 83%

    Price increase

Supplementary Materials

  • Patent data as of May 2020
  • Data on pricing changes from 2014-19 were obtained from IQVIA monthly NSP prices during that period. These represent total spending on prescription medicines from wholesaler transactions and include all on-invoice discounts, but no off-invoice discounts or rebates
  • Data on prices and spending for Medicare and Medicaid were obtained from the CMS ‘Drug Spending Database’ and reflect data from 2014-2018
  • Medicare price increases are based on average annual changes in the price per beneficiary over the period 2014-2018 and spending per beneficiary is for 2018
  • Medicaid price increases are based on average changes in the price per claim over the period 2014-2018

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