Part 1 The HIV Drug Pipeline and its Patents: August 2013 [Download here]


The Roadmap is the first report to showcase clinical, cost, and legal/patent information around key pipeline drugs.

The Roadmap is intended to help expand access to the next generation of life-saving drugs in multiple ways, including: helping treatment activists prioritize efforts and make critical advocacy decisions for the coming years; supporting patent offices, generic producers and procurement agencies in making decisions around  patents; and informing policymakers about trends in secondary patenting across this therapeutic class.

Using The Roadmap, advocates can decide which medicines need short- or long-term attention and make informed decisions about the best strategies to pursue, such as patent oppositions, compulsory licenses (CL), voluntary license (VL) negotiations, and/or direct advocacy.

Why did we create it?

The Roadmap provides the opportunity to be proactive and create a positive agenda in anticipation of medicines that will be relevant for low- and middle-income countries. Without an analysis of pipeline products, the global treatment community is left in a position of being reactive to the behavior of originator companies. In addition, many assume that all pipeline drugs are new and innovative compounds. This research helps assess the level of actual innovation (and therefore patentability) of each product, thereby creating an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the HIV drug pipeline. Assessments of efficacy and inventive step contained herein are based on currently known interpretations of patent law.


Note: If you are using the April 2013 Edition, please make note of the Aug 2013 update attached here [download]