We're Reimagining the Patent System to Build

A More Just And Equitable System For All

Fighting for justice in the patent system on the ground for over 20 years in 50+ countries, we are a leading authority to address inequities in the current patent system.

Why Now?

Billions of lives are literally on the line. Patents are in the national and global spotlight everyday. Disparities in access are growing more with each day. A global pandemic, economic and racial awakening, and skyrocketing drug costs create a crucial mandate that call us to act now. This is a once-in-a-generation moment to advance solutions for actionable change.

Why I-MAK?

Serving as global leaders for 20 years working with community leaders, patent offices, and drug manufacturers to increase equity in the drug patent system in over 50 countries worldwide, our strategic litigation has saved governments billions of dollars and helped provide millions of people treatment.

Our framework integrates deep analytical research, stakeholder informed collaboration, and a voice in the media to activate change through education. I-MAK is uniquely positioned with global drug patent expertise and real-world insight to advance solutions for systemic change.

The $111 Billion price tag Americans will pay when one drug company games the patent system - filling 422 patents on just two drugs.
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Served as Advisors to

Clinton Foundation
Doctors without Borders
How We Do It

Democratize the Patent System:

The patent process is a “black box” with little public involvement. We aim to bring greater participation, transparency, and accountability to this process, starting with how reform is pursued and achieved. From I-MAK’s perspective, PCM is a reflection of our values; how we build toward reform is as important as the reforms themselves.

Connect Key Stakeholders

Interaction among stakeholder groups who hold different views about the role of patents in society is extremely limited. A participatory process will build much needed connection and understanding between ideologically, sectorally, and geographically diverse stakeholders, and foster a less polarized, more productive discourse around reform.

Our Research Drives Solutions

Overpatented, Overpriced

How excessive pharmaceutical patenting is extending monopolies and driving up drug prices. Featured in the New York Times and NBC News.

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America’s Bestselling Drugs

The premier resource on patents and drug pricing, used by Congress in their investigations and hearings on drug costs.

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Our Education Equips Stakeholders

Patents 101

The Patent System is a bottleneck to getting life saving medicines to the people who need them most.

Patent Myths

Debunking five myths about patents that can stand in the way of effective, bipartisan policy solutions

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