Exclusive Report Series

Overpatented, Overpriced

How excessive pharmaceutical patenting
is extending monopolies and driving up drug prices.
Featured in the New York Times and NBC News

Why This? Why Now?

Using comprehensive research methodologies, I-MAK did a deep dive into patent and market data and compiled information that hasn't been available to the public - until now. We created a searchable database, a tool summarizing important market information on the top selling drugs, and a compelling report with key findings.

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Through research, education, and policy, I-MAK is committed to finding solutions to address structural inequity in the medicines system.

Our team of lawyers, scientists, and global health experts empowers us to focus in three critical areas:

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Access Detailed Information on

America's Top-Selling Drugs

Read our investigations about everyday drugs that are overpatented and overpriced. Click each one to read more:

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