Health Equity

A more just and equitable medicines system
creates a healthier world for all

From drug development to drug affordability, the medicines system affects who lives and who dies. While the healthcare system gets a lot of public scrutiny and accountability, the medicines system does not. We believe the current design of the medicines system prioritizes private interests over public good.

Medicine System

Most Affected

The global pandemic is costing far too many lives. Structural inequities are found at every level of an outdated medicines system and lead to millions of people worldwide who are suffering or losing their lives. We believe that people who are most affected should be at the table shaping solutions.

  • Black and Brown People
  • Senior and Elderly
  • Marginalized Groups
  • Low Income Communities

Urgent Crisis

The drug pricing crisis has collided with a global pandemic and a long-overdue awakening with systemic racism. But this isn’t only a moment of overlapping crises, it’s a catalytic moment of reform.

Catalysts for Reform

Drug Pricing





We believe key underlying causes of health inequity are found in a complex medicines system that encompasses everything from drug research, development, testing through to access and affordability. I-MAK exposes these structural inequities and is committed to finding solutions to advance greater health equity in the medicines system. We are envisioning and building a medicines system that allows us to respond not just to this pandemic, but to the next one and the next one.

Drug Pricing Crisis

A root cause of the high cost of medicines is an outdated patent system.

Our work over the past 15 years exposed unjust patent monopolies and lowered the high cost of medicines, saving health systems over $2 billion. Through our research, education, and legal cases, we created awareness about the need for greater health equity in the medicines system. I-MAK has a vision for a world in which people are able to get lifesaving medicines without excessive individual or social cost.

Today, we’re creating a more inclusive and participatory model for change – that includes partnering with a wide range of stakeholders, while creating new spaces and platforms for those most affected to be heard and empowered to drive solutions forward. The power dynamics of the current system have to be reimagined to save millions of lives worldwide.

Participatory changemaking

Creating inclusive connections between stakeholders will foster a movement of changemaking that allows more participation at every level.

We believe that a more just and equitable patent system, which contributes directly to health equity, must involve a diverse range of voices from every stage of the medicine system, especially those most affected.

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