Participatory Changemaking

Building a More Inclusive Table for Policy Development

In a historic time of a global pandemic, a drug pricing crisis, cultural and racial transformation, and as technology rapidly changes everyday life, public engagement has never been more important.

What Is PCM?

I-MAK has built a new tool called Participatory Changemaking (PCM) to conduct a multidisciplinary assessment of the patent system through field research, key informant interviews, and convenings. We use the findings to create a series of blueprints for reform, identifying next step opportunities for policymakers to increase equity and inclusion in the patent system.

Who’s At The Table?

Members of affected communities are joining leaders from government, academia, and the private sector to create new thinking about the future of the patent system. Our convenings bring together the brightest and most forward thinking stakeholders who provide honest and diverse perspectives
across multiple industries and sectors.

Together We’ve Created

Blueprints for a Healthier Future

To integrate more public voices, I-MAK brings diverse stakeholders together to discuss, debate, and recommend new paths to build a more just and equitable system. We create strategic Blueprints to inform policymakers and educate the public.

Our Policy Blueprints


The proposed policies set out in this new blueprint are based on specifically addressing some of the root causes and strategies brand-name drugmakers use to build patent thickets under the current laws and procedures. It calls for sensible and long overdue reforms that will return integrity to the patent system by strengthening transparency, encouraging evidence-based policy, and raising the level of patent quality and inventiveness, all while strengthening competition and helping lower drug prices.

Addressing Patent Thickets




Participatory Changemaking

PCM is a “360” assessment of the patent system, engaging stakeholders from a range of perspectives and backgrounds.

Democratizes the Patent System:

The patent process is a “black box” with little public involvement. We aim to bring greater participation, transparency, and accountability to this process, starting with how reform is pursued and achieved. From I-MAK’s perspective, PCM is a reflection of our values; how we build toward reform is as important as the reforms themselves.

Connects Key Stakeholders

Interaction among stakeholder groups who hold different views about the role of patents in society is extremely limited. A participatory process will build much needed connection and understanding between ideologically, sectorally, and geographically diverse stakeholders, and foster a less polarized, more productive discourse around reform.

The Time For Change Is Now

A new paradigm is possible. We must ensure the broader public is a key stakeholder in the system, and that patent policy and decision-making are more participatory.

Partner with us now to build
a more just and equitable
medicine system for all.