Building a more just and
equitable medicines
system for all

We challenge systemic injustice and advocate for health equity in drug development and access.

Why Now is the Time

We all deserve a medicines system that protects equally

Millions of lives are lost because of an unjust system that prevents those most vulnerable from getting the medicines they need. Scientific breakthroughs may lead to drug treatments and vaccines for some, but not all.

What is Health Equity?

Catalysts for Reform

Drug Pricing





With nearly 20 years experience litigating and winning cases for health justice around the world.
I-MAK is positioned to change an outdated medicine system,
and partner with organizations committed to systemic change at every level.

We’ve been working to restore integrity to patent systems
for over a decade
. So far, we’ve worked in 49 countries,
and improved the lives of people in over 70% of countries worldwide.

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I-MAK Impact Map I-MAK Impact Map
Partner with a Team Dedicated to

Impact Change For Generations

Through research, education, and policy, I-MAK is committed to finding solutions to address structural inequity in the medicines system.

Our team of lawyers, scientists, and global health experts empowers us to focus in three critical areas:

  • 1

    Research to
    Influence Policy

  • 2

    Education to
    Activate Change

  • 3

    Partnerships that
    Drive Solutions

Partner with us now to build
a more just and equitable
medicine system for all.