Two Ways to Make Medicines More Affordable to Women

14 Jun 2019

Cofounder Priti Krishtel on the Commonwealth Fund’s The Dose Podcast.

Most Americans are indignant about high prescription drug prices. But for women living in poverty, lifesaving medicines are often completely out of reach.

Many poor women skip getting needed care because of the high cost, putting themselves and their families at risk. On the latest episode of The Dose, host Shanoor Seervai sits down with two women who have found innovative ways to tackle this problem.

Jessica Grossman, who works for the nonprofit pharmaceutical company Medicines360, sells medicines at a lower price so that all women can get the treatment they need. Reforming the complex U.S. patent system, one of the root causes of high drug prices, is how Priti Krishtel, with the Initiative for Medicines, Access and Knowledge (I-MAK), is trying to remove barriers to treatment.

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